Creative Business Decisions is a decision management solutions company, headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey.

Over the last 20 years, we have worked for American Express, Citibank, Mercedes Benz, Lacks Furniture and hundreds of other large and small companies around the world, to optimize returns on their credit portfolios through our custom built empirical and behavioral scoring models. We help our clients:

  • Increase their customer base without increasing risk
  • Reduce default rates and save on credit losses
  • Measurably lower the cost of collections
  • Increase the lifetime value of customer relationships

Credit Check-Up™
Do You Have Your Lending Business Under Control? Protect your credit portfolio in these uncertain times. Ensure full compliance with current and future Federal Reserve Board regulations and Consumer lending laws. more

CBD PARTNERS - Dynamic Vertical Solutions (DVS)
CBD has partnered with DVS to provide an integrated single platform solution for the retail industry. With easy to use Point-of-sale solutions including integrated Retail invoicing, Retail Credit, Contract Generation and Accounts Receivables amongst others, businesses can maximize on efficiency, profitability and strategic excellence as a result of this end-to-end, highly scalable, user friendly solution. LS Retail is an integrated Microsoft Certified Solution found in 132+ countries and 22,000+ customer sites. more

CBD and Software
CBD now offers Credit Scoring ability through custom built scoring models with automated loan capture/decision-making services over the web to customers. more